Our favourite maps- Meet the Awesome Maps team!

By now you know we’re obsessed with maps, travel, and adventure. From this obsession came the Surftrip Map, which eventually turned into the 19 different maps we produce today. You already know that each of our maps are incredibly unique with their own little story and purpose. This interestingly mirrors the diversity of our Awesome Maps team. We each have our own personal map preference, so what better way to introduce ourselves than via our favorite maps!

Simon - Founder

Any activity map

“I love that the activity maps show you places to follow your passion you might not considered. Like surfing in Senegal or seeing there isn't much discovered surf in Canada.”

Simon has always been an active guy, active in the world of entrepreneurship, travel, and outdoor sports. He’s often on the move trying out new activities or business ideas. The activity maps reflect his go-getter personality because they expand the potential of his passions- opening up the entire world of a particular sport, providing endless opportunities for dreams and ideas.

Katharina - CEO

The World A-Z Map

“I think it's great to keep track of all the countries I've visited- or let's say the countries I've not visited! I also love the design and the colors. Plus, who doesn't love scratching?”

As an avid traveler and adventure addict, Katharina loves this practical and stylish way to track her travels- the more you scratch off, the more colors are revealed to ultimately create a vibrant rainbow. For Katharina, travel has always been due to a natural progression of events, one connection spirals to the next. So for her The World A-Z Map is the perfect visual piece to see how far she’s been and where she has left to go.

Sara - Customer Service

Coloring Map

“Colors, I love colors! And I also love travelling and discovering new places. For me this is the perfect mix, a map that allows you to color all the places you have been! Can't wait to fill all the white countries I still have in mine.”

It’s no wonder Sara does such an amazing job at keeping our customers happy with her bright personality! The Coloring Map is like an extension of her character- she also loves the map because it gives her an excuse to get creative whilst unwinding.

Timo - Web Developer

Scratch-off Fact Map

“Hard decision, but I love the concept of scratching off where you've already been plus the motivation to visit new places and to get inspiration what to do there.”

Timo, who joined the team when he was only 16 years old, has always had a big appetite for learning, and throughout his life has taken it upon himself to self-study new skills and take interesting opportunities. He got turned onto travel after joining the Awesome Maps team and has never looked back. Naturally the Scratch-Off Fact Map is one of his favorites because it combines his love for learning and challenging himself with travel.

Jakob - Reporting/ Operational

Golf Map

“Because I love golfing, and it is basically a bucketlist map for golf! I marked all the courses that I have played and all the courses that I want to play in different colors. Now I just need to travel to Norway, Ireland, Indonesia, New Zealand and about 50 other countries to play all the courses that look amazing.”

For someone who loves golfing as much as Jakob, this is the perfect map. Similar to Simon, Jakob loves to see his passion for golf in a completely new light. The map opened his eyes to the potential of playing in places he would have never imagined.

Lin - SEO

Bucketlist Map

“Because I love traveling and trying out new things, this map gives me inspiration to plan my next adventure. Plus it’s a great piece of wall art! The design is so creative and it makes my place more vibrant!”

Though Lin may have never made an official bucket list herself, for someone who loves to explore and experience new cultures as much as her, it only makes sense that the Bucketlist Map is her favorite. It seems that the more places she travels, the bigger her bucket list grows, so the Bucketlist Map is a nice way to remember where she has been and find inspiration for new adventures.

Sophie - Content

Journal Map

“Because I'm obsessed with journaling, doodling, and traveling and this map combines it all! It's like a living, breathing document of my travels that I can take it with me wherever I go.”

After being on the move for four years, journaling has become one of Sophie’s favorite practices to keep her feeling grounded and to document all of the amazing experiences she’s had. You can always find at least two or three notebooks filled with random thoughts and reflections in her backpack so the idea of a journal within a map was just about the coolest thing she could have imagined. Plus the fact that it’s virtually indestructible easily makes this one her favorite Awesome Map.

We’d love to hear which map is your favorite and why! Leave a comment or share with us on our social media channels with the #awesomemaps!

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