About us

Awesome Maps has been helping globetrotters see the world differently since 2010. Read the full story here!

Plus our extended team! A community of designers, illustrators, web developers and explorers working on helping you discover your world. We work from all over the world, including Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Madrid, Lisbon and Asia.

Our Philosophy

The only products we make are those we’re deeply passionate about and we think it shows. Each map is meticulously researched by experts, hand-illustrated by our favourite designers and printed with love in Berlin. The result is a beautiful and informative high quality print for your home, workplace, van, or backpack.

We hope you love our maps as much as we do. We’re always interested in hearing about your experiences with them, any feedback, or maps you’d like to see us make!

Say hello at hello@awesome-maps.com

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